Working holiday in Australia visa


The working holiday visa Australia (subclass 417) is a temporary visa for people aged between 18-30 years who desire to travel to Australia and also work in order to support themselves. This is a visa that is valid for 12 months and allows one to work under any employer for the 12 months that the visa is valid. This kind of a visa is a good option as it encourages cultural exchange and also allows other countries to make closer ties with Australia.


  • A person is atleast 18 and not yet 31 years old.
  • Doesn’t have a dependent child during their stay in Australia accompanying them,
  • Have a valid passport of the country to which the person belongs

What does this visa let a person do?

  • Stay in Australia for upto 12 months
  • Work in Australia for atleast 6 month with different employer.
  • Lets one study for upto four months.
  • A person can leave and re-enter Australia a number of times while the visa is valid.

Eligibility for getting the visa

  • Those who have not entered Australia on a temporary visa can get this visa.
  • Should hold a passport that is valid and from a country which is connected in the working holiday program with Australia.
  • Should be a genuine visitor who really wants to enjoy a holiday in Australia.
  • Have enough money to support their working holiday.
  • Should have enough money to buy or return their travel ticket.
  • Should not be accompanied by a dependent child during the stay.

Health requirements and health insurance

  • A person is required to get their health examination done that will be valid depend on your period of stay, on the country you belong to and also of the country you have visited in the last five years.
  • Australia is not responsible for your health costs and one would not be covered by Australia’s national scheme.

Character requirements

  • One must meet certain character requirements like a person is supposed to provide a police certificate from each country he/she has lived in the past 10 years for atleast 12 months or more.

Countries eligible

Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malta, Sweden, Norway, united Kingdom, Sweden, Taiwan, Hong Kong are the few countries eligible for the working holiday visa Australia.

According to the new working holiday visa Australia the criteria ha slightly changed like:

  • The eligibility age has been extended from 31 to 35 years.
  • Travel in Australia is not subject to additional surcharges in order to improve visitor experience.

A person who is on a working holiday in Australia can work in hotels, resorts or restaurants, in independently owned franchises, in state and territory schools and health care facilities. They can also work with two different owners with atleast 6 months each. So this is a great way to travel as well as work to earn a living.

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