Why travelling as a Group is Becoming Popular


Most people only get a couple of weeks of holiday in a year, so when time is of the essence, it can feel really good to simply delegate all the travel planning to somebody else. The slower, independent journeys will, naturally, always be the cheapest way to travel, but really they’re not that practical if you don’t want to finish your job and travel around for an unspecified amount of time.

In recent years there hasbeen a marked increase in the rise of the group tour phenomenon. Because of increasingly busy lifestyles, plus a growing interest in emerging destinations which were once considered the sole territory of hardened backpackers, the opportunity for a market for group tourism has expanded rapidly. These days an ever-growing number of tour companies offer a whole range of trips nationwide and on the international scene.

Finding the Best

These days with an increasing number of companies now competing for your tourism dollar, selecting the best value tour can become just about as complicated as organising your own adventure. You’ve been through the brochures and scanned the websites, but how do you know how to cut through all the advertising gloss to really find out where you want to go and where you want to stay and which offers the best deal? If you’re looking for a winery tour or group accommodation in Hunter Valley, NSW, you will have to find out which is the best for your needs.

A Nice Place to Stay

So, one of the most important things to do when choosing to travel is to book accommodation from early on. The best advice is the sooner the better, as costs are much cheaper that way. Now, when booking lodgings, make sure that all the little extras such as breakfast is included, and if travelling with your family and children you can also ask about a children’s menu. Finding a nice place to stay with a group can at times be problematic, although there is nowadays some great group accommodation in Hunter Valley which people have been talking about.

To save some extra cash, it might be in your best interests to not book any pre-and-post-trip accommodation through your tour company. It will be cheaper to book additional accommodation independently, either through a hotel directly or by using an accommodation booking website. This may seem a little bit odd, but the tour operators usually provide much simpler accommodation than what you would like to spend your time in. And surely it makes good common sense to want to stay in respectable surroundings after being out all day on a tour.

Travelling with Friends and Family

The same kind of rules apply to if you’re in a small group travelling with family or friends. If you’re going to stay at accommodation in between doing tours around the region, it’s always nice and refreshing to come back to somewhere nice, where you can all relax, have some great food and drink, and chat about your day out.  Wherever you go, make sure to have a really great time, relax and enjoy the surroundings, people and the scenery!


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