Top South India Destinations


India, especially its Southern part is known as a world wonder. If you will visit this country, then you will surely learn to love its culture, architecture, white sandy beaches, history and most especially their mouth-watering foods and native delicacies. Today, tourism industry in India is very popular as there are many cheap flights to India. This is not a surprise as South India is well visited by many international vacationers from diverse parts of the world.


If you want to take a close glimpse of the nation’s rich past, then you should not overlook Hampi. The place was once known as the capital of Vijayanagar. This is also considered as a UNESCO-World-Heritage as it is one of the best ancient temples as well as palaces that are standing on a dry and stunning landscape. This is no doubt a magnificent sight to see that is worthy of your money, time and effort. Within this place, you will find 500 monuments way back 14th century that show its magnificent golden royal past. Other amazing sites that you can find around Hampi are Monolith Bull, Virupaksha Temple, Queen’s Bath and Big Shivlinga. Cleartrip offers on domestic flights are available on for a more affordable trip going to South India. Cleartrip flight coupons can now be used if you are traveling on a budget.


This place is known as “God’s Own Country” because of its mesmerizing wildlife, breathtaking art forms, paddy fields, Ayurveda, paradisaical backwaters, waterfalls, colorful festivals and hill stations. This is the main reason why a lot of tourists come to this particular place in India. If you want to enjoy some nature retreat, then it is better if you will visit this place.


This popular destination is called “Queen of Hill Stations”. This place is soaked with charisma because of Nilgir also known as Blue Mountain. It can offer a picturesque mountain range. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of travelers are searching for cheap flights that can take them to this part of India. You need to roam around to find Annamalai Temple, Ooty Botanical Gardens and Doddabetta peak and lots of exciting activities.

Ananthagiri Hills

This is located in Andhra Pradesh. This place is one of the most popular summer resorts in the Southern Part of India. In this type of tour, you will be delighted with the natural beauty that his place has to offer.  It may be considered as a heaven on earth and for so many years, it has captured the attention of a lot of people most especially tourists from various parts of the globe.  The entire hills have got a lot of captivating views and each of them is truly worth your time and money. The beauty of the waterfalls and ravines might add memories that you will carry for the rest of your life. Summer is the best time to come and visit the Anantgirl Hills. The coupons for goibibo will bring you here less than the amount you ought to spend.


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