Qualities to become a baby photographer


To become a baby photographer, you need to become a good photographer first. A good photographer has excellent judgment regarding intensity and direction of light, postures, distance for taking photograph, capturing minutes etc. To become a good baby photographer, you need to be even more nuanced in all these aspects. After you have mastered the art of baby photography, you should make a baby portfolio in thane. People will obviously ask you for bay portfolios that you have done. So, get an attractive baby portfolio done before aggressively scouting for baby photography calls. People will go through baby portfolios to take a call on hiring you. So, it should speak about your capability. It should contain both types of baby photography, i.e. posed photography and lifestyle photography.

There are no second thoughts to the fact that capturing a newborn baby is fascinating. Have you ever taken note of the fact on how they give out an innocent smile within a matter of few seconds? Before you even know, you will find that the babies would have started to walk. So, it is important to capture those precious moments till they last, so that you will remember them. If the baby is new then you can start the session of newborn photography right away. The key is to photograph your kid as they grow because you will have a wide array of pictures to choose from starting from the time the baby is newborn.

Lifestyle photography-

Some parents like to photograph their children in usual surroundings at home. There are advantages of such photography.


The child is often more at ease with the photographer at home. You can get some real occasions for capturing the baby in its true essence.


There are some disadvantages too. If you are working in the evening, you need the help of strong lights which can be controlled. This is not available at home. Moreover, the range of possibilities in lifestyle photography is limited although for an infant there are a number of possibilities.

Posed photography-

Posed baby photography has a different dimension. You can get the baby to pose in different postures against a setting that can be manipulated or changed.


The setting and the background are the most important aspects of photography in studios. You are not going to get these at home. You can get different background. Combine the background with different props and dresses and you can get some unique sets of beautiful baby photographs.


Many children are not at all comfortable outside, let alone posing for photographs inside a studio. For these babies there is no use hiring studios. Even if the child is comfortable in the studio you cannot expect it in the natural postures that you can expect at home.

Your portfolio

Your baby portfolio thane should contain both types of photography. Some parents do like both kinds of photographs while some like lifestyle photos and some like posed photos. In fact, both of these kinds of photographs have their own appeal. It depends on the age of the baby,likes and dislikes of the parents, etc. whether you will go for lifestyle or posed photographs.

Your website

It is a good idea to upload the portfolio on your own website or in a portal meant for baby photography.


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