Moving Services That Satisfy Your Needs


King’s transfer Van Lines offers both long distance and local moving services, with an assortment of choices you can select from. Whether we assist a little or a lot with your next move, our methodical staff and sober logistics system will take some of the tension off of you! Relying on your financial estimate and requirements, select from any of the following inexpensive moving services:

Packing Alternatives: You can pack your goods and chattels yourself, or you can get a little or a lot of assistance from us. Our full-service movers can get into all the packing for you or you can do some of the packing and let us assist with your suited items such as breakable items. Select from:

  • Full Service Packing: Relax and manage while we do the packing!
  • Breakable Only Packing: With years of packing and moving experience, we have the knowledge how to get breakable items secured from point A to point B! So even if you can manage the rest of the packing yourself but want to avoid risk, we can assist you to generate a custom packing plan that only counts this kinds of items.
  • Self Pack: We offer useful packing tips and can also assist you to organise all the boxes, packing materials and other moving supplies you might require.

Using boxes you get from friends or stores can only get you so far. Some items require stronger point moving supplies and special materials to pack them nicely and perfectly, whether because of their size, shape or weight. That’s why we offer:

  • Quality moving boxes in sizes.
  • Wardrobe boxes for the distribution of your wardrobe.
  • Mirror boxes in which to pack mirrors, pictures and glass tabletops for secure moving.
  • Mattress boxes in all sizes, to safeguard your mattresses from grime and harm.
  • Dish pack barrels: These super-strong packaging counts integral dividers to keep your dishes and china safer safe during the move.
  • Stretch wrap to wrap around your furniture as a safeguard from tearing, hooking and dirt.

Want your appliances linked at your new home, or furniture or a hot tub to be fitted together? Ask your Relocation expert about these moving services as well as extra cleaning services we offer to assist you to settle into your new home quicker. We put away some of the sticker shock from the moving experience by giving you with a written approximation of how much your move will charge based on the services you select. Ask your Relocation expert about

  • Bottom Line Costing: Your total cost is our guaranteed price; depend on your moving estimate.
  • Not-To-outstrip costing: Your price may finish being lower than the moving approximation, but will not go above it.
  • Custom-built Pricing: This alternative offers a mixture of guaranteed and different service costs.

No matter which of our many moving services you select or which pricing alternative, the moving experts at moving companies Montreal will shield your goods and chattels and manage your move with security and expertise. Contact us today for a quote on budget moving services that cover your exact requirements!


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