Krakow sightseeing – why it’s worth joining a professional host


When planning a trip to Krakow, it’s worth considering hiring a professional local Krakowguide. Why and how do you go about arranging it? What can you expect on a tour with professional Krakow guide? You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers!

A thousand years, a thousand sites and a thousand exhibits – discovering Krakow

You can visit many times and still not uncover all there is to see in Krakow. This is a city with a long, beautiful and sometimes difficult history. Every building and every street in the city has a story to tell and the past is never too far away. Krakow has long been known as the “second Rome” because of the long list of sacred sites from various historical eras. There are even examples from the Romanesque period, like the Church of St. Andrew on Grodzka Street or the crypt of St. Leonardo on Wawel hill. Gothic influences are found in St. Mary’s Church, the Dominican Church and the Corpus Christi and St. Catherine’s Churches in Kazimierz. Another step forward in history takes us to the Rennaisance and the Sigismund’s Chapel and then to the Baroque St. Anne’s Church and the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. These are just a few examples and each of them has countless treasures to see in their stunning interiors.

Krakow sightseeing with a guide?

Krakow is also home to an incredible number of amazing museum displays with two of them being particularly popular among residents and visitors alike – the City Museum in the Schindler Factory and the Underground Musuem in the Main Square.

Art galleries, museums documenting everyday life from past eras or the dramatic times of the occupation or completely different experiences like the Museum of Flight or the Museum of Municipal Engineering – it’s hard to pick a place to start! On top of all this, of course, isWawel Castle and the extensive collection of artistic treasures going back a thousand years or more. With so much to choose from and so many places scattered all over the city, planning a visit can require a lot of work but that’s where Krakow Guides comes in!

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How Krakow Guides helps to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

If you are organizing a group trip to Krakow, you’ve probably already thought about what a helping hand might do for you. A local professional Krakowguide can make a world of difference for any kind of group coming to Krakow. Having a local expert simply gives everything a more organized and professional feel and ensures that the practical aspects of your trip run more smoothly. After all, our guides do more than just share their knowledge of the sites that you’ll visit on your tour, they’re also helpful in arranging the organizational needs of larger groups. With Krakow Guides, you can get help even before you get here. We’ll help you plan the path you will take and make sure that is it adapted to the needs and interests of your group. You can arrive here knowing that you already have someone who is ready take some of the organizational burden off you and let you enjoy your stay. You’ll find more information about arranging everything on There’s advice on what to see and details about all the places that you’ll soon experience for yourself. You will also find contact information for us as well so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us start helping to you plan your trip to Krakow!


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