Few Amazing Ideas for Celebrating Birthday Parties of the Kids


The birthday of a child is the most important event for his/her parents, who want to achieve everything best for their kid, even going beyond their financial limits. It is more advisable to hold indoor birthday party for a child, if there is not much open space in the backyard of the home, mainly in case of the people living in modern apartments. However, there are many fantastic ideas of celebrating birthdays while staying indoors, enjoying great party time with the friends of the birthday boy or girl.

Fine entertainments for the indoor birthday parties of children

  • The kids usually love painting and definitely all the little guests will like the idea of face painting with special glowing paints, which will glow in the dark. So these kids can be provided sets of glow paints with which they may paint the faces of each other and have much fun, after turning off the bright lights of the drawing room where the party is organized.
  • The parents may arrange to show a thrilling kids’ movie on the home theatre of their living room. The little guests may be attended with pop corns and ice creams, while they are seated on special seats made of cardboard boxes and comfortable cushions. These children can write their names on these seats with marker pens, so that they may take these play-seats back home as tokens of favour.
  • The play tents are greatly loved by many kids, who find lots of activities to do inside those attractive tents. So it is a fine idea to buy or simply hire a number of play tents and place them inside the living room. Now the little guests may be encouraged to enjoy spa in one tent or undergo facial treatment in another, by arranging accordingly inside those play tents. This kind of party activity is more preferred when most of the guests are little girls, who like to follow fashion treatments just like their mothers.
  • The boys mostly prefer outdoor activities and thus, their birthday parties should have the arrangements of some miniatures of outdoor sports, while staying indoors. The parents may arrange for shooting competitions with toy guns and balloons as targets. The mini soccer ground may be adorned with goalposts made of Popsicle sticks, where tiny toy players may play with marshmallow balls. A sports-loving child may also have his birthday cake in the shape of a football, baseball or basket ball.
  • If the theme of the party is chosen to be mermaid or underwater life, the birthday cake should be made in the shape of a mermaid or an oyster. The whole party décor should be in blue, with lots of blue balloons floating around in the air. The lighting arrangements should be dim and create a dreamy sequence at that place. Several water-related games are also arranged for providing fun to the little guests.

So now the indoor birthday celebrations are well enjoyed by the kids and the parents are also satisfied with the happiness of their children on their birthdays, while partying with their friends.


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