How Cryptocurrency can Impact the Future of Travel


If you’re keeping track of the news these past few days, weeks, and months, you’ve probably already heard about cryptocurrency. To give you a head start, cryptocurrency is a type of a decentralized digital currency that has made polarizing sides in the financial community. These cryptocurrencies come in a form of Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, NEM, Dash, IOTA, BitShares and the most widely known of all—Bitcoin.

According to The Windows Club, as of 2017, these cryptocurrencies are priced as:

  • 1 Bitcoin costs $2591.26
  • 1 Ethereum costs $374.21
  • 1 Ripple costs $0.265649
  • 1 Litecoin costs $42.43
  • 1 Ethereum Classic costs $19.97
  • 1 NEM costs $0.205515
  • 1 Dash costs $172.33
  • 1 IOT costs $0.441712
  • 1 Bitshares costs $0.345301

While still no one is sure as to these cryptocurrencies’ status in the future, experts at NIX Solutions are convinced that these have a great impact on the future of travel. Here’s how it might affect how people travel in years to come:

Growing community

While cryptocurrency in the current time is still on its primitive stage, it is anticipated to eventually gain prominence and attention among users from different parts of the world. In fact, many branches of the travel industry now accept these popular coins for payment, making its growth slow but sure.

An example of a travel company that accepts Bitcoins and Ethereum for payment is Surf Air. Surf Air is an airline that offers a sort of paid membership that allows the one registered to have unlimited flights into select destinations. Another one is an online travel agency called CheapAir. The travel agency has been accepting Bitcoin for payment to their services since 2013. After CheapAir, Expedia soon followed accepting Bitcoins for payment thereafter but only for hotel bookings. To complete the group is an online travel agency called BTCTrip. Just like the ones aforementioned, BTCTrip is open in receiving cryptocurrency for payment such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Though currently, they only have a few flights to offer to their customers on the website.

More payment options

As stated above, no one is sure if these cryptocurrencies will continue to gain attention from the investors. With regards to how it is doing right now, it could be anticipated that these cryptocurrencies could affect the means of payment among various travel agencies.

According to Bujarski, as cited by Bigg in 2017, one factor of these cryptocurrencies that could affect the travel industry in the future is its blockchain in travel distribution. Such can change the way how these travel agencies do their business.

Cheaper deals

While still not many people know about these cryptocurrencies, these could eventually appeal to them as a form of cheaper deals. Why? Travel agencies that accept cryptocurrencies for payment offer relatively lower rates. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies’ take off on the travel industry might also mean easier shopping options abroad for travelers.

Final Thoughts

Our world continues to advance at a very fast pace. In just  a moment, something could emerge, and it could be widely known. Today, we are being offered lots and lots of options in basically everything. We just have to remember that in choosing an option, we must first assure that that it is safe, reliable, and efficient. With cryptocurrency, we might have found all of these factors.

To know more about the future of cryptocurrency and other related technologies, you can talk to a professional from Nix Solutions.





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