What Should You Check before Renting a Car?


Renting a car will give you great advantages on your holiday over having to hang around for and using public transportation, or having to shell out for taxis everywhere. Yes, you can walk around here and there, but not everywhere is within walking distance. But,as with anything else, even renting a car can also have its disadvantages, let’s see what to watch out for:

Insurance Policy

Some rental car insurance may be rather costly, so make sure to check what they have to offer and what feels right for you. These days, some major credit card companies, if using their card for car rental, will offer coverage to the card holder with no additional charges. Just make sure to check everything out before taking out a car, because some credit cards may only offer limited coverage. Make a call and check out the deal, which may or may not save you some cash on the additional cost of rental insurance.

Getting the Car You Asked For

If you have already bookeda car rental in Queenstown, make sure that the vehicle you asked for is the one that they have waiting for you when you get there. If you get to the rental company’s office and they tell you that the car you asked for is not available, but they have others, don’t be shy to ask them for a discount, because being fair, they don’t have what you booked.

Make Sure to Stay on Paved Roads

Check the company’s policies regarding all issues. Many of their policies forbid the use of their cars on unpaved roads. If you have rental car insurance, theirs or from your credit card, it might be nulled if you drive on an unpaved road. So strictly stay on the main paved roads, except if you fancy paying for any off-road fun with a collision.

Top up Your Vehicle before Taking the Car Back

Make a note of where petrol stations when you are first leaving and driving on your way out from the car company. Many rental car companies have a fill tank policy and will require that you must return the car with a full tank. Should you not, you’ll get charged for the petrol you didn’t put in the car, at the company’s slightly higher rates. So, get that tank filled up nearby before returning the vehicle.

When it’s all said and done

You will appreciate the sheer convenience of using a rental car, without having to fork out for any unexpected fees. So, why not just do a little research (so easy these days with the Internet) and don’t be shy to ask the rental company any queries that you might have, so you know exactly where you stand – and what you’re paying for.

Apart from that, have a really great time driving in New Zealand, and please drive carefully and safely!


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