Book Cheap Flight to Tel Aviv and Enjoy a Budget-Friendly Travel


Tel Aviv is one of the most populous cities in Israel, which is best regarded as the white city. It is also called as a city which never sleeps and also a party capital because of its lively nightlife. This exotic destination also has some wonderful parks and beaches. Few remarkable parks include Charles ClorePark, HayarkonPark, Dubnow Park and Meir Park all that contribute to the great part of green space in the city. The travelers can also pave a visit to museums in the city for having an insight about the city’s culture and history. In order to enjoy visiting the enchanting sightseeing of Tel Aviv, you should first arrange for itinerary, for which you would probably seek for Cheap flights to Tel Aviv so as to make a budget travel.

When to leave for Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is highly engaged during July and august since because it is when Israelis take their vacations and leave for the city. In that season, it is not only sightseeing places and hotels that are crowded; you may also find the prices of flights increased to sky high and the hotels add further charges to their normal rates. If you plan to visit the city during the peak season, make sure that you book the tickets well in advance so as to find reduction in the ticket price. The best season to fly to Tel Aviv is during mid-September and May. These are the pleasant times to visit the city when the pride of Tel Aviv will be offering an annual vibrant, spectacular and dazzling parade and about fifty other events for people to take part in.

Off season

Anyone who wants to book cheap flights to Tel Avic other than the summer peak times is rewarded with lesser room rates and though the time between November and March is regarded as the rainy season in the area, it is however considered as a best time to visit. The city center of Tel Aviv is relatively compact, thus making moving around by foot by far the right choice after reaching on cheap flights to the city. Buses and taxis are found in abundant when you are tired. There will also be a reliable and extensive bus network but bear in mind that that the charges are higher during night time.

Getting around the city

Most of the sights in Tel Aviv are within walking distance, making it effortless to move around by foot. When you feel tired, you can always take bus, taxi or sherut. There are also buses run around the town and there will be no bus service on Saturdays. You can consider saving money on purchasing monthly passes or getting ten-ride tickets. Sherut is a minibus which follows the public bus routes. Taxis are comfortable to hail, but charges go higher at night times. To experience the most out of the attractions in Tel Aviv, make sure you book cheap flights and save money to spend on other expenses.


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