How to Apply Natural Makeup for Natural Look


Whether you want to try the beauty of makeups or you want to try something new, this article will be perfect for you. A step by step guide is given on how to apply natural makeup on your hair. After going through this article, you will appreciate how the makeups can boost your natural look.

Makeup Application Steps That Will Enhance Your Natural Look.

Applying Makeup to Your Face.

1.Remove from Your Face the Previous Makeup

make your face clean from any previous makeup by circularly rubbing a cotton ball on your face. If you have skin issues such as spots, exfoliate your skin.

  1. Moisturize Your Face

We recommend using unscented lotions to avoid allergic reactions and acne. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer.

3.Gently Apply Concealer to Any Spot and Around Your Eyes

The concealer applied should be the same colour as your skin. Only use the right amount of concealer not to put much emphasis on it. Put it only on the spot just to conceal it.

4.On the Oilier Parts of Our Face, You Are Set to Apply Powder Foundation Now

First, you should ascertain that foundation colour you are using is best for your skin. Grab that sponge dab and rub on your face until it resembles your skin tone. If the area under your eyes is discoloured, create some marks on the circles below your eyes, and mix it softly with your ring finger.

5.Apply Bronzer.

It is an outstanding way to intensify your natural radiance. Apply it lightly to your whole face. However, this step may not necessarily work for everyone especially those with pale skin if you don’t apply it as recommended. If the bronzer doesn’t work correctly for your skin tone, use blush instead.

Applying Eye Makeup

1.Streamline Your High Lash Line with Grey or Brown Pencil

Many women don’t consider this fundamental, but experts recommend to line your eyes at least two-thirds of your upper lash line and a third of your lower lash line.

2.Use White Eyeliner to Deceptively Enlarge Your Eyes 

Work inside corners of your eyes using a white eyeshadow to make your eyes more bright and awake.

3.Use Eyeshadow

Choose two professional looking eyeshadow shades in consideration to your skin colouring. Blend the colours to bring out that natural look.

4.Curl Your Lashes

This makes you look bright and more awake. In case you want your eyelashes unique, add a single layer of your most preferred mascara.

Applying Makeups on Your Lips

1.Apply A Pure Bare Lip Colour

Always shun from applying chalky lipsticks. Use lip stain because it lasts for long and brings that natural look. Use a colour that almost resembles your lip colour.

2.Rab A Little Amount of Sparkling Blush on To the Midpoint of Your Lips

Always try this at home because some people don’t like it in the middle, but always do what makes you happy.

3.Enjoy Your New Look.




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